We’re living in a world where technology has a major and very significant role in everyone’s life, we have been innovating and creating new things to ease our lives, many of those things are luxuries but others are a need, you may not have a tv, but you seriously need internet connection, it doesn’t matter if you access internet from a PC, laptop or smart device, you cannot live offline.

Through internet we move our bank accounts, shop everything we may need and/or want, we can download a huge amount of contents of any kind, we can see TV, movies, videos of all types, we can communicate with our loved ones that are far from us through a phone call made using internet or through a video call where we will be able to see the other person on screen, we can maintain chat groups with people with similar interests, even in education field, teachers use social media to communicate with their students and give them information.

Websites, what they are and what is their purpose

A website is where you enter when you’re navigating in internet, it is a collection of related pages posted in internet, including many kind contents related to a theme or purpose, those pages are grouped under a common domain name, and are available in a web server or servers. They have many purposes, there are a website for everything and everyone.

How to create a website?

First, you can hire a professional, like a website designer, he can provide you a professional site if you need something with several pages and complex enough to require this kind of service.

Second you can hire someone who create a website using a website builder, these tools are very friendly and easy to use, but a little bit limited regarding the features offered, but if you want a simple page, this is your option.

Third, do it yourself, is not as complicated as it may seems, in fact, nowadays it is really easy to create a website, just follow this 4 steps:

1- Choose and register a website domain name, take in count the following suggestions, it should be short, easy to pronounce, and must reflect the theme or purpose of the site.

2- Choose a platform like WordPress, if you want something more powerful and complex or a website builder, if you don’t need anything complicated, you are able to pay a little more and you don’t know anything about websites.

3- Design your website, use the provided tools to design a website, including a logo.

4- Outline the content and include it in your website and finally you will can submit it to the search engines.

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