If you have a solid idea of content you consider worth being shared on the web, WordPress is the best tool for you. Since learning HTML and CSS to create awesome websites may take you half a year, and you probably don’t have that amount of time, then a friendly content management system like WordPress is perfect to suit your need, so let’s learn how to use it to make a nice website.

There are some previous steps before putting hands to work on this tool. If you have unique content, then you have to come around with a unique domain and secure it. Servers like Bluehost, Ipage, and others will do the job easily at low cost. Now that your domain is secured, it’s time to put some WordPress to it.

If you log in to your hosting page, then you’ll have to reach your control panel, find the WordPress icon on the website section and choose the domain where you want to set up your site. Hosting pages like Bluehost allow you to do a one click installation; so depending on the hostage service you chose, these previous steps may vary a little. One click installation is way easier than manual, so it’s recommended to go with the first option.

Now it comes the fun part: giving it style. The first step is to choose a theme that goes well with the content you want to share. Go to your dashboard by typing https://domain/wp-admin and replacing the word “domain” with the name of your page. Now, go to the Appearance button and browse through thousands of free and paid themes; if it covers what you need and want, hit the Install button and then activate your theme. Keep in mind that you can change the theme the times you want without changing nor deleting your content.

It’s time to show your content to the world. Add pages by clicking the Pages button in your Dashboard and then Add New and you will find an interface similar to MO Word that will make your content easily written, once you’re done, save it. If you want this page in a menu, then go to Appearance, then Menus and check the page and click on Add to Menu.

An important thing to keep in mind is customization. You can change the site titles and taglines by going to Settings in your WordPress sidebar. This will help your future visitors know what your website is about and will improve your position in searching engines.

Last but not least, set a static front page as home page if you’re not running a blog. Go to Settings and then to Reading. Choose a page you’ve made to be the Front Page and other to be the Posts Page (for your blog section).

Now it is your duty to explore the widgets that a theme can offer going to Appearance and Widgets or install the best plugins that will make your website even more awesome.


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