Let’s do an exercise: you are around 7 to 10 years old and you are enjoying a good time with your favorite doll or a figure action you loved. Just because you’re having a great time, it doesn’t mean it cannot get any better, so you go to your parents and ask them to buy you some accessories that go with that toy. If you were lucky enough to get it you realized that your experience improved a lot compared to the toy without accessories…


Well, WordPress works in a similar way, how so? It is as easy to use to play with a toy and it has an incredible amount of plugins (accessories) that will help us achieve an incredible amount of things we couldn’t do before. There are innumerable plugins out there, so we made a selection of the most popular that you must have installed.

Contact Form 7

This plugin, as the name itself explains, allows us to manage a bunch of contact forms at once. Having this installed will help us make a creative form as we can custom them and the email responses sent to our visitors. It supports sends via Ajax, Captcha, Askimet’s spam filter and many more. Let’s thank Takayuki Miyoshi for developing this awesome plugin that will ease the way to manage a great amount of data simultaneously.

Yoast SEO

Since 2008, this plugin is doing an amazing job when it comes to the management of a WordPress site. It gives you the best and easiest tips to help your site reach the stars. And how does it do it? First of all, it sets the canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content, this is important because eliminates the worry of being penalized by Google. Also, it will analyze your SEO and your content in order to improve your numbers.

Askimet Anti-Spam

As we previously mentioned it while talking about Contact Form 7, this is the best plugin to filter spam comments in your blog. It counts with a great database of spam and runs every comment made in your blog, compares it and lets it be published or filters it. Each comment has a history, so you can easily see which comments were eliminated by the plugin and which were managed by a moderator. It also shows the whole URL directions, so nobody will fall into tricky or hidden websites.


As one of the most complete plugins out there, Jetpack offers you the ability to do Hassle-free design, security and marketing with just one tool. It has a great amount of professional themes, provides you the site stats and analytics and lets you do real-time back-ups of your site.


From the same developers of Jetpack, this plugin allows us to sell anything. It’s the best tool to manage a website, as it offers Paypal transactions, free shipping and it provides you a real-time storage that lets you control your sales.

Don’t wait any more. Tune up your WordPress website with the right plugins!

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