WordPress has become one of the greatest and most powerful tools when it comes to web content management as it is so simple to use and its immense amount of available plugins make it customizable and able to adapt to the work we want to do. But this tool has its roots in posting blog articles and easing the way to do it, so if you’re new into blogging and content management, don’t miss the chance to learn how to make a blog post with this awesome system.

There are two ways to start. Once we’re in the WordPress dashboard we could reach to the top toolbar where the button +New can be seen, if we hover over the button a little menu will show up and we will have to click on the Post button. The other way to go to it is on the side bar where the button Posts with a tack on it lays on, hovering over it and hitting Add New.

Now we’re seeing the Add New Post screen. The first thing that appears is a little box where the title of our post should go, Once you’ve titled your work, it’s time to go to the net box where the content is about to be written. WordPress is friendly so you’ll have two ways to edit the content of your post.

The first one is the Visual way. This is the easy way to handle your writing as many of the formatting options lay there as buttons that introduce the shortcode to give your text the chosen appearance. If you have ever used LibreOffice Writer or Microsoft Office Word, this will be easy. The second one is the Text, perfect for those who are proficient in HTML. This way will make all the buttons disappear and will offer you a plain text of your post with nothing more than the code that gives format to your content.

Now that our post is written and with the desired format, it comes the time to Publish. We can see a little square box where all the publishing options lay. If you’re feeling tired and wish to continue at any other moment, you can save your post as a draft. On the other hand you count with the Preview button so you can admire your masterpiece as if it was already published with the perk of being able to edit the errors it might present.

Below this box, we will find the Categories that will allow us to add different kinds of media and the Tags one where we can add a few in order to make the post more reachable. Everything is set up, if you’re feeling confident and satisfied with your post, hit the Publish button, if you’re hesitating or kind of lost, then go to the Help tab on the top right corner of the screen.

Get ready. Now you have the basic tools, so don’t wait much more time to make your post!


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