We’re living in a world where technology has a major and very significant role in everyone’s life, we have been innovating and creating new things to ease our lives, many of those things are luxuries but others are a need, you may not have a tv, but you seriously need internet connection, it doesn’t matter if you access internet from a PC, laptop or smart device, you cannot live offline.

Through internet we move our bank accounts, shop everything we may need and/or want, we can download a huge amount of contents of any kind, we can see TV, movies, videos of all types, we can communicate with our loved ones that are far from us through a phone call made using internet or through a video call where we will be able to see the other person on screen, we can maintain chat groups with people with similar interests, even in education field, teachers use social media to communicate with their students and give them information.

Websites, what they are and what is their purpose

A website is where you enter when you’re navigating in internet, it is a collection of related pages posted in internet, including many kind contents related to a theme or purpose, those pages are grouped under a common domain name, and are available in a web server or servers. They have many purposes, there are a website for everything and everyone.

How to create a website?

First, you can hire a professional, like a website designer, he can provide you a professional site if you need something with several pages and complex enough to require this kind of service.

Second you can hire someone who create a website using a website builder, these tools are very friendly and easy to use, but a little bit limited regarding the features offered, but if you want a simple page, this is your option.

Third, do it yourself, is not as complicated as it may seems, in fact, nowadays it is really easy to create a website, just follow this 4 steps:

1- Choose and register a website domain name, take in count the following suggestions, it should be short, easy to pronounce, and must reflect the theme or purpose of the site.

2- Choose a platform like WordPress, if you want something more powerful and complex or a website builder, if you don’t need anything complicated, you are able to pay a little more and you don’t know anything about websites.

3- Design your website, use the provided tools to design a website, including a logo.

4- Outline the content and include it in your website and finally you will can submit it to the search engines.

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Cheap Domain Names

Low-cost domain names offer a simple way to appear online without spending a lot of money in the process. Whether you create a website for your company or just buy a domain name for children, the proper domain lays the foundation for an excellent website and an interesting online presence.

With the suggestions that we offer here you can have a website as successful as any other you can imagine!



With GoDaddy, you can register domains for only $ 0.99. You can even get a free domain with one of our website hosting plans.

Now you know that a good domain does not have to cost a fortune. If you buy a cheap domain name and create a quality website, you can get large amounts of traffic to your website and recognition for your name. offers the cheapest domain names registration service. They are one of the popular choices for domain registration. is one of the best value for money domain registrars has a lot to offer given its low price. At this moment, offers following payment option: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. is one of the industry standard cheap domain registration service. With .com, .net and .org domain registration starting from $10.99/year, they have to offer a great support, cheap registration and their host of experience in this field for registering your domain with them. isn’t the cheapest, but they have flexible pricing plans and personable customer support. also offers “Domain Nabber” services to grab expired domains that may be relevant to you or your business. The pricing is high for expired domain names, but you might end up picking one of the best name for your next online venture.



In this website you will find all the information you need about web hosting services, so you can hire the one that best meets your needs. Bluehost is a company dedicated to web hosting since 1996, when it began its activities and day by day growing systematically in terms of improvements, added and without hesitation, increasing its customers.



HostGator gives you a vast array of tools to take your idea or business online today! From site building tools and templates, to our one-click application installer, everything you need to launch a website is literally at your fingertips. The best domain names starting at only $12.95/yr

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How To Create A Wordpress Site

If you have a solid idea of content you consider worth being shared on the web, WordPress is the best tool for you. Since learning HTML and CSS to create awesome websites may take you half a year, and you probably don’t have that amount of time, then a friendly content management system like WordPress is perfect to suit your need, so let’s learn how to use it to make a nice website.

There are some previous steps before putting hands to work on this tool. If you have unique content, then you have to come around with a unique domain and secure it. Servers like Bluehost, Ipage, and others will do the job easily at low cost. Now that your domain is secured, it’s time to put some WordPress to it.

If you log in to your hosting page, then you’ll have to reach your control panel, find the WordPress icon on the website section and choose the domain where you want to set up your site. Hosting pages like Bluehost allow you to do a one click installation; so depending on the hostage service you chose, these previous steps may vary a little. One click installation is way easier than manual, so it’s recommended to go with the first option.

Now it comes the fun part: giving it style. The first step is to choose a theme that goes well with the content you want to share. Go to your dashboard by typing https://domain/wp-admin and replacing the word “domain” with the name of your page. Now, go to the Appearance button and browse through thousands of free and paid themes; if it covers what you need and want, hit the Install button and then activate your theme. Keep in mind that you can change the theme the times you want without changing nor deleting your content.

It’s time to show your content to the world. Add pages by clicking the Pages button in your Dashboard and then Add New and you will find an interface similar to MO Word that will make your content easily written, once you’re done, save it. If you want this page in a menu, then go to Appearance, then Menus and check the page and click on Add to Menu.

An important thing to keep in mind is customization. You can change the site titles and taglines by going to Settings in your WordPress sidebar. This will help your future visitors know what your website is about and will improve your position in searching engines.

Last but not least, set a static front page as home page if you’re not running a blog. Go to Settings and then to Reading. Choose a page you’ve made to be the Front Page and other to be the Posts Page (for your blog section).

Now it is your duty to explore the widgets that a theme can offer going to Appearance and Widgets or install the best plugins that will make your website even more awesome.


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Most Used Wordpress Plugins

Let’s do an exercise: you are around 7 to 10 years old and you are enjoying a good time with your favorite doll or a figure action you loved. Just because you’re having a great time, it doesn’t mean it cannot get any better, so you go to your parents and ask them to buy you some accessories that go with that toy. If you were lucky enough to get it you realized that your experience improved a lot compared to the toy without accessories…


Well, WordPress works in a similar way, how so? It is as easy to use to play with a toy and it has an incredible amount of plugins (accessories) that will help us achieve an incredible amount of things we couldn’t do before. There are innumerable plugins out there, so we made a selection of the most popular that you must have installed.

Contact Form 7

This plugin, as the name itself explains, allows us to manage a bunch of contact forms at once. Having this installed will help us make a creative form as we can custom them and the email responses sent to our visitors. It supports sends via Ajax, Captcha, Askimet’s spam filter and many more. Let’s thank Takayuki Miyoshi for developing this awesome plugin that will ease the way to manage a great amount of data simultaneously.

Yoast SEO

Since 2008, this plugin is doing an amazing job when it comes to the management of a WordPress site. It gives you the best and easiest tips to help your site reach the stars. And how does it do it? First of all, it sets the canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content, this is important because eliminates the worry of being penalized by Google. Also, it will analyze your SEO and your content in order to improve your numbers.

Askimet Anti-Spam

As we previously mentioned it while talking about Contact Form 7, this is the best plugin to filter spam comments in your blog. It counts with a great database of spam and runs every comment made in your blog, compares it and lets it be published or filters it. Each comment has a history, so you can easily see which comments were eliminated by the plugin and which were managed by a moderator. It also shows the whole URL directions, so nobody will fall into tricky or hidden websites.


As one of the most complete plugins out there, Jetpack offers you the ability to do Hassle-free design, security and marketing with just one tool. It has a great amount of professional themes, provides you the site stats and analytics and lets you do real-time back-ups of your site.


From the same developers of Jetpack, this plugin allows us to sell anything. It’s the best tool to manage a website, as it offers Paypal transactions, free shipping and it provides you a real-time storage that lets you control your sales.

Don’t wait any more. Tune up your WordPress website with the right plugins!

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How To Make A Blog Post On Wordpress

WordPress has become one of the greatest and most powerful tools when it comes to web content management as it is so simple to use and its immense amount of available plugins make it customizable and able to adapt to the work we want to do. But this tool has its roots in posting blog articles and easing the way to do it, so if you’re new into blogging and content management, don’t miss the chance to learn how to make a blog post with this awesome system.

There are two ways to start. Once we’re in the WordPress dashboard we could reach to the top toolbar where the button +New can be seen, if we hover over the button a little menu will show up and we will have to click on the Post button. The other way to go to it is on the side bar where the button Posts with a tack on it lays on, hovering over it and hitting Add New.

Now we’re seeing the Add New Post screen. The first thing that appears is a little box where the title of our post should go, Once you’ve titled your work, it’s time to go to the net box where the content is about to be written. WordPress is friendly so you’ll have two ways to edit the content of your post.

The first one is the Visual way. This is the easy way to handle your writing as many of the formatting options lay there as buttons that introduce the shortcode to give your text the chosen appearance. If you have ever used LibreOffice Writer or Microsoft Office Word, this will be easy. The second one is the Text, perfect for those who are proficient in HTML. This way will make all the buttons disappear and will offer you a plain text of your post with nothing more than the code that gives format to your content.

Now that our post is written and with the desired format, it comes the time to Publish. We can see a little square box where all the publishing options lay. If you’re feeling tired and wish to continue at any other moment, you can save your post as a draft. On the other hand you count with the Preview button so you can admire your masterpiece as if it was already published with the perk of being able to edit the errors it might present.

Below this box, we will find the Categories that will allow us to add different kinds of media and the Tags one where we can add a few in order to make the post more reachable. Everything is set up, if you’re feeling confident and satisfied with your post, hit the Publish button, if you’re hesitating or kind of lost, then go to the Help tab on the top right corner of the screen.

Get ready. Now you have the basic tools, so don’t wait much more time to make your post!


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